26 Superlative Adjectives for Your Blog Lists From A to Z

You’ve seen those blog posts that list things the blogger thinks are worthy of exaggerated hyperbole and a shout out to the world, and you’re envious. You want to craft your own list of things you think are worthy of exaggerated hyperbole, but you can’t think of an adjective that conveys the powerful emotions your list should invoke in all who read it.

Here, for your convenience, is a list of 26 superlative adjectives you can apply to your own blog posts and pretty much anything else you’d care to label.

Use for any list of things that don’t fit in anywhere else and which turned up against all logic. Probably due to human error.
Example: 5 Anomalous Elements That Appeared In My Design For Which I Take Credit For Sheer Genius

For that which makes little or no sense. There is no shortage of this product in today’s society.
Example: 13 Blithering Blowhards (Present Company Excepted, Of Course)

Can you think of a better adjective for a blog post? Be the first to publish a categorical list of categories!
Example: 20 Categorical Examples of Canonical Lists

Only if you’re in a “blue period.”
Example: 100 Cerulean Sunset Photos

Information that only you know, or blogs that nobody reads, or posts that aren’t posted yet, or anything else that has never seen the light of day.
Example: An Unknown Number of Delitescent Secrets

When it’s so bad it should be delitescent, this is the word to use.
Example: 15 Egregious PowerPoint Slides

This is beyond the mere fantastic. This is for work elevated to heights of grandeur because it’s been mentioned by someone famous (or infamous).
Example: 50 Fantasticated Photoshop Tutorials for Making Glossy Buttons

When the hyperbole flows like the summer breeze from the rarefied thoughts of luminaries expounding upon the virtues of Photoshop tutorials for making glassy buttons and calling the purveyors of such by the appellation of “artist,” it’s time to expose their egregious grandiloquence.
Example: 24 Grandiloquent Bloggers

The original meaning was for a glycerin-based duplicating device by which reams of pages could be reproduced. Today we apply it to the repetitious, standard, everybody-does-the-same-thing solutions that everybody thinks are original because they never thought of it themselves before they saw it in the Internet, which is a remarkable hectograph.
Example: 100 Hectographic Web Page Designs

Can’t find 200 Amygdaloid objects to list? Just toss in any random item you find and call it 200 Juxtaposed Discoveries I Found Today
Example: 30 Juxtaposed Collages

For the truly bizarre, contradictory, perplexing, self-defeating behavior of humans…or whatever drives you nuts. Often applies to corporate decisions.
Example: 1 Kafkaesque Planet

Whatever glows in the dark. Applicable to my eyes after a week of making glassy buttons in Photoshop for PowerPoint slides. (PowerPoint 2007 has glassy buttons as a feature now. With trendy reflections. Should do wonders to enhance grandiloquent bullet points.)
Example: 10 Luminescent Text Tutorials

Anyone remember mood rings? They were metachromatic. A superlative adjective to apply to collections of gradient fills.
Example: 15 Metachromatic Beer Goggle Photos

Not actually an adjective, but a useful prefix that can fantasticate any mundane adjective that makes any ancient practice seem new and modern.
Example: 50 Neomundane Wallpapers

A beautiful word that rolls from the tongue like the name of a rare flower.
Example: 60 Obsequious Designers Churn Out Sameness Every Day

That which makes you hurl.
Example: 100 Peristaltic Digital Collages

Collections of four.
Example: 4 Quadripartite Colored Squares

Cast wide your net and load up on grids and graph paper.
Example: 16 Layouts Using Reticulated Systems

Hey, how are ya?
Example: 20 Salutatory 404 Pages

Seeing the same concepts and treatments over and over again? So am I. Having a feeling of deja vu when you look at design work? I am too. Does the work you see seem repetitious and hectographic? Seems that way to me, also.
Example: 33 Tautologous Repetitious Neoripoffs

Stuff that howls at the moon.
Example: 10 Ululant Examples of Elvis Portraits on Velvet

Hack work.
Example: 10,000 Venal 5-Dollar Logos

Typically produced by wunderkind.
Example: 24 Wonderwork Flaming Text Designs With Reflections

Another useful prefix to fantasticate any adjective, to give it that weird strangeness quality.
Example: 44 Xenopunk Textures From My Mom’s Basement

Acknowledge the sweat of their brow, the sturdiness of their work, the strength of their sinews.
Example: 12 Yeomanly Fad-Driven Designs

When you got nothing.

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